NEW TO LED? things to know …

Lamp ColourLamp Colour Warm White Pure

Lamp Typecandle1_small

Lamp Typegolfball-b22_small

 Lamp Typeclassic_small

Lamp Typespotlight1_small

Lamp Typetubelight1_small

Beam Anglebeam-angle-good-1_small

Base Type B22base-b22-1_small

Base Type B15base-b15-1_small

Base Type E27base-e27-1_small

Base Type E14base-e14-1_small

Base Type GU10base-GU10-1_small

LEDs have many superior qualities to traditional lights but it is important you choose the right light for the right purpose.  You should ensure you are getting the correct lamp type with the correct base.  Generally the bulb you replace will be a guide – what type of base fitting does it have? what is the level of light? what type of lamp is it?  Does it need to be a wide or narrow beam and should it be dimmable?  What light colour do your need – warm white, cool white or pure white?

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